Ergonomic Packaging

The Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) has concluded that designing your packaging line to include equipment that specifically addresses ergonomics will help to reduce or eliminate packaging line worker injuries. The following types of packaging equipment that IMS can provide can spare workers from packaging line injuries:

Conveyors can provide an ergonomic advantage to workers by providing a mechanized way of moving work to the worker. Expandable conveyors are ideal for assisting workers with tasks such as loading products into containers or loading cartons onto pallets and trucks. Conveyors can be adjusted to proper positions and heights to reduce stooping and reaching.

Scissors lifts can be used to position material or cartons so operators don't have to lift excessive loads, lift repetitively or bend to do their jobs. Tilting devices can be added so loads can be positioned both vertically and angularly. Lifts can be portable and powered with electric or air-powered hydraulic pumps, pneumatic lift systems or full mechanical lift systems.

Manipulators using application-specific load handling devices or end effectors, the load becomes near weightless and can be used to reach and position heavy products and packaging on or off of conveyors and/or pallets.



double scissor lift