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Lift & Tilt Tables

IMS offers a selection of ergonomic Lift Tables, Lift Tables, and Powered Lift Tables, Electric Lift Table, Electric Scissor Lift, Hydraulic Lift Table, Hydraulic Scissor Lifts, Industrial Lift Table, Lift and Tilt Table, Pneumatic Lift Tables, Portable Lift Table, Stainless Steel Lift Tables, and Tilters.

Tilting Lift Tables are ideally suited for applications where reaching into boxes, containers or wire baskets is required by the operator. The tilting mechanism allows the operator easy access to the product, while the lifting mechanism places the product at an ergonomic height, helping to avoid repetitive motion injuries and improve productivity. Chose from single scissor tilt and lift tables, bench top tilters, efficiency master tilt tables, ground tilters, air corner tilters and zero lift and tilt tables. Hydraulic lift tables can lift up to two tons for heavy equipment or products. Scissor lift tables are for lifting and positioning of materials in an office, factory or warehouse.